Building Highly Effective Teams

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By utilizing the work preference measurement tool, (Team Management Profile®) individuals will learn how to use and understand their own work preferences and preferred team role, as well as other team member preferences.  This information is instrumental for teams to be effective: from understanding areas for self-assessment to key points for consideration when working with others that have different work preferences.  The culmination of this information, as well as showing individuals how to effectively put this knowledge into practice, are the foundation of successful, high-performance work teams.

Benefits of the TMP® and team building strategy workshops:

  • Generate discussion and alignment of work functions to improve performance

  • Gain a better understanding of others' work preferences to build collaborative work relationships and leverage preference diversity

  • Create sustainable action plans to accentuate strengths of the team and address weaknesses

Team building strategy workshops with up to 20 team members, are typically one full day, Teams will participate in personalized activities to demonstrate skills they can use immediately after the session is complete. These workshops are coupled with follow-up sessions and/or additional in-depth training workshops based on a mutually determined schedule. This model is part of our sustainable reinforcement strategy, which makes the training and newly-acquired skills stick.


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