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Due to the current pandemic, ALL services can be performed virtually for your remote workers. We have years of experience conducting team building, professional development, culture transformation and speaking engagements using virtual technology. Rest assured, we not only want to help your employees be the best they can be, their health is our number one priority.


No doubt your business has been turned upside down during these challenging times - from losing revenue, employees working from home or put on furlough, to closing your doors for weeks at a time. How do you keep your staff motivated in times like these?  Pirozzi Organization Development Solutions offers several solutions to help you and your employees become engaged in your business again.

Did You Know?

Disengaged Employees Cost Employers $3,400 Per $10,000 In Annual Salary

According to Gallup, 67% of employees are disengaged, which results in a monetary loss for your company each and every day. This disengagement leads to:

37% higher absenteeism

18% lower productivity

15% lower profitability

We Help Minimize Your Losses

At Pirozzi Organization Development Solutions, we pinpoint your employees' motivation drivers. Partnering with your company, teams and individuals, our main focus is work preferences. Studies have shown that when individuals practice their preferred responsibilities, they become more efficient, which leads to greater engagement and happiness at work. Most importantly, your workforce learns how to understand and appreciate their own and others' preferences, which fosters improved communication with co-workers and teammates.

This same strategy and approach have been used successfully with all four branches of the US Military, as well as Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Gallup stresses that improving employee engagement strongly impacts the overall well-being of your business in the following ways:

17% higher productivity

21% higher profitability

10% higher customer satisfaction

41% lower absenteeism

24% - 59% less turnover (high/low turnover companies)

70% fewer safety incidents

40% fewer defects and quality issues


Whether you have a new team, an existing group or department that may be struggling, or need enhanced cross-functional collaboration, we can help you and your organization achieve new heights by empowering your workers to improve performance in a positive way.  We work with you side-by-side to understand your structure and goals, strengthen your leadership team, improve your workers' interpersonal skills and guide management style growth.

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We Are State of Florida Woman Business Certified!
We Are State of Florida Woman Business Certified!

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