Are Your Employees Really Engaged?

Or are they just doing the minimum to get paid and keep their jobs, while your organization loses money?

Take a look at your bottom line -  you may very well find the answer.

How do you keep yourself and your staff motivated in times like these?  Pirozzi Organization Development Solutions offers several solutions to help you and your employees become engaged in your business again.

Did You Know?

Disengaged Employees Cost Employers $3,400 Per $10,000 In Annual Salary

According to Gallup, 67% of employees are disengaged, which results in a monetary loss for your company each and every day. This disengagement leads to:

37% higher absenteeism

18% lower productivity

15% lower profitability

We Help Minimize Your Losses

Leadership Development, Enhanced Team Communication and Productivity, and Development Training for staff are key!

We partner with your company, teams, and individuals to pinpoint motivation factors as we focus on individual work preferences.

This process has been shown to lead to greater engagement and happiness at work.

Gallup stresses that improving employee engagement strongly impacts the overall well-being of your business and boosts your bottom line.

Whether you have a new team, an existing group or department that may be struggling, or need enhanced cross-functional collaboration, we can help!

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