Are professional organizations your only clients?

Not at all!  If you have a team, we can help. Any type of company that requires effective interpersonal skills, team building, leadership development and/or performance improvement would benefit from our services.

Our employees are working from home. Can you perform your services remotely?

Yes! We can use your existing virtual technology to conduct our services. If you do not have your own virtual account, we can provide ours.

Is the Team Management Profile (TMP) assessment really scientifically proven?

Absolutely. The TMP includes the extensive rigor of assessment development, psychometrics, test-retest reliability and face, structural, predictive, construct and criterion-related validity.  A separate research organization in Australia continues to gather worldwide data and performs research on a continual basis.  As a result, the Team Management Profile is well-respected and has been used for the past 30 years in over 16 countries.

What other companies have used this program?

Many Fortune 500 Corporations and Government Agencies have used the TMP, including ExxonMobil®, CellularOne®, Coca-Cola®, General Electric®, Sony®, Nabisco®, United States Marine Corps, United States Department of The Navy, United States Department of the Air Force and United States Army, to name a few.

How long does the individual program last?

Each individual program is customized to meet your specific needs.  After an employee needs analysis is complete, a tailored program will be created. Programs are completely flexible and can range from one or two meetings, weekly meetings for a month or up to six months.

How long does the team building program last?

Team building strategy workshops with up to 20 team members, are typically one full day.  These workshops are coupled with follow-up sessions and/or additional in-depth training workshops based on a mutually determined schedule. This model is part of our sustainable reinforcement strategy, which makes the training and newly-acquired skills stick.

How can our company ensure return on investment?

Your investment will pay dividends beginning immediately after our first team workshop or individual consultation. As your employees integrate their skills into daily interactions, they will begin to work more efficiently and effectively, alone and within teams. Communication will flow easier as they all start to use the same language, while understanding and appreciating differences. Employees will become more motivated, practice their preferences and become happier to be at work. It all comes down to employee engagement - if your employees are engaged, they will have higher productivity, profitability, customer satisfaction, lower absenteeism, less turnover, fewer safety incidents and fewer defects and quality issues - All saving you money!

Where is your client base?

We will travel throughout the United States to assist with your organization development needs.

Your question not listed above?

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