Volunteer Fair

Proudly representing Animal Refuge Center at a Volunteer Fair for 55+ individuals. Explained the benefits of volunteering, as well as the good work ARC does to value and save lives, provide a cageless environment, ensure the best match for people and pets, educate the public on humane treatment and deliver quality care for all resident animals.

Career Day

Educated children from K - 4th grade regarding skills it takes to have a career working with animals, proper animal care and how Animal Refuge Center shelters homeless animals, adopts out animals to their forever homes, and educates the public.

International Coastal Cleanup

Participated in The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC), the world's largest, volunteer effort to clean up the marine environment. Every year, volunteers from over 100 countries descend on local beaches, rivers, lakes and canals to show their commitment to cleaner waterways.

The collection of cleanup data and the resulting report prepared by the Ocean Conservancy is used in the following ways:

  • To raise awareness of the quantities and types of marine debris;
  • To determine the various sources of marine debris;
  • To evaluate the impact of marine debris on wildlife and habitat;
  • To assist in the enforcement of regulations against illegal dumping;
  • To influence industries that manufacture products that cause harm to the marine environment.

Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary

Active volunteer at Octagon Wildlife Sanctuary, where the mission is to provide a healthy recovery and living environment for no longer needed or wanted, and sometimes mistreated exotic animals.